Medical Tourism and Dental Tourism – Can You Benefit From It?

servicesYou may be hearing lot about medical and Dental Tourism in the news and may be wondering if this can benefit you at all and what are the risks associated with it.

Let us discuss who can be a good candidate for dental or Medical Tourism and what are some of the procedures which can save you money on your next vacation.

If you visit your friends or family regularly in countries like Mexico, Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China or South Korea you should consider health care options available there and how you can take advantage of these either for you or for a family member.

Are you going on vacation to Costa Rica, Caribbean islands or any other medical tourism hot spots? You may want to research dental or medical facilities there and take advantage of world-class hospitals and could save some money. You could as well enjoy an affordable health Sp

Find the Best Online Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality

9781603331265The tourism and hospitality field is growing rapidly as more and more people have access to the internet and are able to research where they would like to go on their next vacation. With the rapid development of the field of tourism and hospitality, the popularity of the online Bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality has also broadened. Along with an increase in the number of people going on vacation, the easy access to the internet has also contributed to the popularity if online courses. Online courses are often very cheap and are very flexible and convenient. If you would like to make a career in the tourism and hospitality industry, the online bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality can help you in every respect. You should enjoy working with people, have an attention for detail, and should be well organized to succeed in this field. You will also have the opportunity to travel, meet people from all over the world, and be able to entertain and make sure people have everything they will need while on their vacation.

Eligibility for Online Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality

The basic requirement for admission for an online bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality is a valid high school diploma. You should also have very good communication skills. The complete admission details are given by the colleges during the admission procedures.

Course Details

The online bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality program covers a wide range of course curriculum which is mainly linked to customer service. The curriculum will emphasis skill development in lodging management, food and beverages operations, events and recreation planning and facilities arrangement. In addition to this, ethical and legal issues within the tourism and hospitality industry, quality control and service coordination are also addressed. During the course you will learn to try to remain calm while taking care of customer complaints, do your best to resolve conflict among employees and make sure that the tourist area is properly staffed all the time. You will also be taught to have good communication and decision making skills.

Career Opportunities

The travel industry contributes a big amount to the general economic growth of a country. It means that there are huge job opportunities for fresh graduates with a bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality. The most popular career opportunities include positions as hotel or resort managers, sales and marketing professionals, food and beverage directors, convention planners, special event planners, travel agents and group travel facilitators. Job opportunities in the tourism and hospitality field are quite strong due to high turnover and a large increase in the consumer demand. You can easily expect a five figure annual income. It can go all the way up to six figures depending on your expertise, location and experience.

Online Tourism and Hospitality Colleges

There are a number of colleges offering online bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality. A few of these colleges are listed below:

Ashford University
Capella University
American InterContinental University Online
The Art Institute Online
City University
Colorado Technical University Online

Understanding Medical Tourism and Its Affordability in India

Every human in this earth has a dream to excel and earn a better and comfortable livelihood. To achieve this people works so hard and often lead hectic schedules in life. They hardly get proper time to eat and sleep and merely forget how important their health is if they are to stay fit and keep working and earning.

Someone has rightly said that “health is wealth” – if you are in good health, you can earn in a variety of ways but ill health deteriorates your plan and your dreams can not be fulfilled. Now the treatment cost skyrocketing, it is better if you stay healthy otherwise be informed beforehand where to seek medical assistance to get healed from your ailments.

The concept of traveling to distant places for health check-up is a talked-about issue today as this process has significantly aided people in earning good health in considerably reduced cost. This concept has given the term “Medical Tourism” and many Asian counties like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, countries like South Africa and Australia are popularly known for medical tourism but the strong competent with these countries is India, and the industry related is the India Medical Tourism Industry.

Yes! You read it right. Today India has become a preferred medical tourism destination for the people around the globe. Reasons behind this popularity are varied, which are discussed below in detail.

Affordable Cost – Treatment cost in India is far cheaper in comparison to cost needed for the treatment in the US, the UK and other European and Asian Countries. For an example, bone marrow transplant in the US cost $250,000 and £150,000 in the UK whereas the procedure with same compatibility and success rate is done at $26,000 in India. Heart surgery and cardiac care cost around $200,000 in the US which is done in India at as low as $30,000. Gastric bypass cost $65,000 in the US and £34,800 in the UK but the process in done in $9,500 in India. In addition to this, mostly the health care packages include airfare, hotel charges and a package to famous tourist destinations in India. Is not this a good idea?

World Class Health Care Centers – India has many corporate hospitals that are highly compatible to the hospitals in the US and other developed nations. Hospitals are well equipped sophisticated instruments, machines and laboratories that can deliver quick and accurate diagnosis and health care solutions. One health care official in Delhi has once said that once the door is closed, you will find yourself in the US.

Qualified Health-Care Professionals- Indian doctors are well qualified, highly trained and most of them have working experience in western counties hospitals. Hence, they know how to care and deliver quality medical treatments to international patients.

Quick Treatment Availability – People in countries like Canada and the UK has to encounter long waiting list that last more than a year if they want hip replacement surgery and this could be really painful and tiresome for the patients. But the case is something different in India as the patients would be in operating room the next morning they reach India for the process.

Availability of Linguistic Expert – Just imagine you landed in a foreign land and there is no one to understand your problem and needs and it is a dreaded nightmare for many people. But nothing as such will happen if you are traveling to India because you will find widely English speaking people in India or you can easily hire linguistic experts in case you need people knowing languages other than English.

Despite these major factors, medical tourism company in India can manage budget fitting tour packages and luxury to affordable hotels to stay. To make your trip more memorable one, you are cordially received at the airport and taken to hotels or directly to the hospital in case of emergency. Medical tourism agencies in India [] can manage a touring guide, avail car rental facility to give a comfortable ride during your health care cum touring vacation to India.

If you are looking for health check-up, think on visiting to India for the same. Due to thorough standardization and capability of delivering competitive health care, most Indian hospitals have been consecutively accredited by Joint Commission International. Medical treatments are highly affordable and you can strengthen yourself post-treatment by visiting most desired locations in India at a same go. Many has been benefited, they have wisely saved their hard-earned money, so be smart by making wise selections.

Medical Tourism and Savings

A lot of people find their local plastic surgery and health care costs so high as compared to its counterparts abroad. In fact, there are a lot of Americans who already had their cosmetic surgeries and even dental surgeries done overseas just to save on cost. Likewise, more and more industries of this category are opening up in developing nations. However, how much do we really know about medical tourism? And how has this industry grown over the years?

For some people with seemingly complex diseases like cancer, cysts and diabetes, they find alternative health care programs abroad. China, for example, is home to many cancer-targeted programs and even if some of these programs are not 100% recommended by the Western experts, they have worked for more than 90% of those who availed them. So really, traveling for the sake of getting better treatments have already gone mainstream. However, to travel for cheaper treatments, this is quite a new idea.

One of the major proponents of medical tourism is the boom of the Internet. Before, we didn’t feel safe going to a different place to arrange our treatments because we didn’t see the positive results of past surgeries and it was difficult to discuss the possibility with a foreign center because of the high costs of communication. Today, you can do long distance coordination through chat, email, cheaper phone calls, video calls and you can even conduct e-conferences online. Most medical tourism services companies claim that the boom has reached more than double, when the Internet went full blast.

Many medical experts agree to the efficiency of most overseas-offered treatments, as long as the practitioners are licensed ones and the hospital where the surgeries are done have good sanitary measures. Some patients are very conscious about the quality of the health care that they get, especially if it’s offered at a much lower price and is located at a less developed country. Let us not forget, however, that more than one fourth of the medical practitioners in the United States and Europe are foreign-born so really, we should be very open to entrusting our health to other nationalities.

It is also advised that you must not scrimp on research if you are thinking of getting a surgery overseas. Go to online forums and ask away. Solicit advice from your friends and relatives. Study “packages” well. Some hospitals/ cosmetic surgery service providers have packaged treatments that lets you save on the total cost of your desired treatment. Don’t be overwhelmed by its low price or its freebies. At the end of the day, remember that you will be entrusting your health to your choice institution.

And now that medical tourism has also gone big, more and more hospitals are investing in this endeavor. Hospitals admit that whenever they have a patient that came from a different country, they tend to give the best quality of care. If the patient’s experience is good, it could open up a whole new market, if it’s bad, then this patient can just go to media and they will be blacklisted from the medical tourism industry.

Today, more and more hospitals are loosening up and also invest in marketing their medical tourism services. Guess we’ll all look forward to a better quality-based, marketing-fortified health care system from now on.